Something New Is On The Horizon

The video above is my first broadcast commercial as a director and I am proud to be sharing it here at long last! As you’ll see, it’s an ad for the new Einstein Medical Center Montgomery in East Norriton, PA and I had the pleasure of working with a great creative team at The Brownstein Group in the process of its creation. The Brownstein Group had already honed in on the idea of doing the whole spot in timelapse, and of course I thought that sounded great, especially with such a beautiful building as the EMCM.

After some scouting and a good amount of prep work, we locked in on a two day shoot to get what we needed for the piece, and I set about getting all of our gear together. I went with the Nikon D800 for its great FX-sensor scope and the D7000 to supplement it. Since we were shooting everything from superwides of the facility and its surroundings to details of the building’s great angles, it seemed smart to have the flexibility that having both a full-frame and crop-frame sensor camera would afford. I used mostly Nikon lenses but as always I had the Tokina 11-16mm there to round things out. That is one lens that just lives up to its hype.

We knew that we wanted to have proper motion-controlled timelapses for certain shots, instead of simply adding movement in post, so we also had a Kessler Stealth Slider and Oracle Control system with us to achieve that. Although the Stealth is a shorter slider (great for traveling), I can state unequivocally that it works just great for adding motion to a shot. The original concept for the spot included several more shots than we wound up going with, opting for a simpler cut instead. I may see about putting up one or two of those shots that didn’t make it at some point; I thought they were pretty great.

The ad is already airing in the Philly area so if that’s near you, keep an eye out for it. It’ll be airing in HD, but I had fun shooting and cutting it in 4K; let me just say it looks AWESOME on a Retina Display MBP.

Even if it was the two hottest days of the summer, it was a great time. I want to thank everyone I got to work with at Brownstein for bringing me in and putting together such a solid pitch. I hope it won’t be too long before the next one!

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